1. Chairman’s message.
  2. Appointment of Directors. (election is presumed unless a poll is requested)
    1. Re-election of 3 retiring directors Matt Garvey, Des O’Neill and Dave Griffiths
    2. Confirmed appointment of co-opted directors Matt Bertran and Edward Loughrey
  3. Minutes of  previous AGM
  4. Adoption of Directors’ Code of Conduct – Special Resolution

THAT the members of the Company hereby grant authority to the Board of Directors, to remove a Director from his office in such instances where the Director has committed a repeated or material breach of the Code of Conduct (prepared by the Company and entered into by the Directors). In such instance a “material breach” requiring a breach that goes to the heart of their obligations as a Director and is considered irreparable by the Company. Such removal shall only be possible if the Board of Directors vote the majority in favour of the removal of such Director. The Director in question not being entitled to vote on the matter.  The authority so granted shall apply from the date of passing of this resolution and shall, unless renewed, varied or revoked by the Company, expire after a period of 5 years from the date of its passing

Code of Conduct (Word Document)

Legal advice on Code of Conduct (PDF)

5. Managing Agents Report

6. Financial Review of 2019

7. Annual Service Charge Accounts 2019

8. Financial Forecast for 2020

9. Service Charge Budget for 2020

10. Project Updates.

11. Purchase and rental values review.

12. Q&A from leaseholders.

13. AOB.

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