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Matt Garvey, Chair VHMC

I moved to Basingstoke in 2007 when I bought a flat at the Victory Hill estate on Winterthur Way. My professional background is in apprenticeships and for the last 10 years I have been Managing Director of West Berkshire Training Consortium in Newbury. As you’d expect I am experienced in running a business, managing finances and decision making. My business experience often comes in handy when acting as a director at VHMC. I enjoy volunteering as a director at VHMC since 2013. Over the years we have made a significant difference to the lives of residents and we endeavour to maintain the appeal of Winterthur Way. We don’t always get it right and sometimes we can’t change things as fast as we want but I assure you that whatever we do is with the leaseholder in mind.

Martin Edge, Director VHMC

I am a professional civil engineer, retired since 2015.  I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of managing construction projects.  Prior to retirement I was a commercial director at AECOM where I concentrated on improving project performance for the benefit of the shareholders.

I’ve been a leaseholder at Winterthur Way since 2004.  By 2013 I had become so frustrated with the failures of the VHMC board of directors that I determined to effect change from the inside.   As Chairman from 2014 to 2019 I drew on my experience to address our weaknesses in procurement procedures, cost forecasting and improving efficiency in service delivery.  My co-directors and I share common values: to maintain the estate in good order, to preserve the leaseholders’ asset value and to keep Winterthur Way a safe and pleasant place to live.  In doing this we constantly look for economies and savings in expenditure.

During my tenure as Chair, VHMC, working with Chaneys, delivered significant improvements to the infrastructure and environment at Winterthur Way, all of which was driven by what leaseholders had reported or requested at general meetings:

We regularised the registration procedure for approval to let and we introduced individual water meters to enable direct billing to the occupant.  We created an Estate Rules book and put in place procedures to enforce it.

We established a long-term maintenance plan for the whole estate to enable a reserve to be built up which is fair and equitable to every leaseholder. We extended the site office to provide an adequate and safe working environment for our managing agent and visiting service providers.

I don’t take credit for all of this but I am proud to have been part of the team who achieved it.  I handed over the chair in 2019 and the core of the team of directors is still in place.  There is much work still to do.   I remain active in overseeing cost control and the single most important issue today: the recladding project.

Wayne Buckley, Director VHMC

I am a professional Consultant responsible for guiding organisations such as the NHS and Ministry of Justice through difficult and complex change. Since 2013 I have given up my time freely, and in return for no favours, to support the good running of the estate. Alongside Jaz Parmar, I volunteered to become a Director as a result of witnessing first-hand the appalling actions and behaviours of Colin Davison and one other at the 2012 Red Lion Hotel AGM. Together, Jaz and I worked tirelessly to lawfully secure members support for enlarging the board and removing Colins controlling influence on our money, agent and the upkeep of our the estate.

Since joining VHMC, my focus has consistently remained on addressing our most serious issues – mitigating litigation with AFA, fixing ambiguous accounts, collecting unpaid arrears, accelerating overdue maintenance and now keeping members safe whilst we fix our cladding. On joining the Board I drove a step change in how VHMC engaged members – increasing the transparency of agents actions and the Boards decisions. I personally set-up the Winterthur Way website, prepared and distributed board packs and posted minutes to members. I created many of the presentations that for years provided regular updates on progress as our plans progressed. I did all of this with the enthusiastic support of both Chaneys and their predecessor, GH Property.

Right now, the Board needs stability to focus on addressing the most serious risk ever to face us. We must fix the cladding to safeguard residents and protect our investments. Members need only look on-line to realise the potential implications of this not being our primary focus (Cladding Crisis: ‘Delays could bankrupt us’:

Jaz Parmar, Director VHMC

I purchased my property at Winterthur Way back in 2004. I have lived in it mostly, and rented it out when the need has arisen, and this is just one of the things I love about our flats and that has made our estate so appealing to so many people.

I currently work as an Assistant to the Chief Executive at a UK charity, with previous experience at telecoms companies, including large blue chip companies in other sectors throughout my career; Shire Pharmaceuticals, BBC Worldwide, Christies Auction House… 

I am an approachable and sensitive individual, which combined with my professional demeanor, allows me to forge strong relationships at all levels of an organization. In both my current and previous roles, it is routine for me to actively participate in decision making forums, deal with commercially sensitive information and to ensure that processes necessary to protect the integrity of decision making are strictly adhered to.

I have been serving as a volunteer Director on the VHMC board since 2013 and have seen a lot of changes, not only across the estate but also across the Board. There have been some tough decisions and meetings, but I always try to keep in mind why I am doing this!! Also, being a female, and Indian, I feel I am able to represent the minority and try to voice what I hear leaseholders living on site want. I believe all leaseholders have a voice and should be heard. I like to help and I aim to keep helping our estate to be a great place to live and own.

Stewart Smart, Director VHMC

I started my career as a Scientific Officer at what was the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough, followed by many years in software design, implementation and consultancy for a software company, including time as Quality Manager for its Defence Division. I was also an internationally Registered Lead Auditor for an Accredited international Quality Management Systems Certification company. I ended my career as Quality Manager and OFCOM Billing Accuracy Program Manager for Vodafone UK, followed by time as an independent Billing Accuracy consultant to Vodafone, helping them to achieve further OFCOM Approval for billing accuracy.

My wife and I bought an apartment on Winterthur Way in 2015 and I joined the VHMC Board as a Director in 2016, with a view to helping ensure that budgets are set correctly and that expenditure is in keeping with maintaining the estate to an acceptable level without incurring excessive costs to Leaseholders. I am also passionate about ethical standards of behaviour and business practice.

Edward Loughrey, Director VHMC

My name is Edward, I grew up in Basingstoke, then I lived in London for 6 years, before moving back to purchase a property with my partner in Winterthur Way. I am a serving Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police. I am keen to make a positive contribution to the Winterthur Estate, and seek to improve the safety, well-being and quality of life for all residents. In my time at Winterthur Way, I have set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and actively contribute to the Facebook Group.

Oliver Kirkham, Director VHMC

I purchased an apartment at Winterthur Way in 2007 and have been an Owner-Occupier Leaseholder since this date.

I am a long-haul Cabin Crew Manager based at Heathrow Airport, managing a large team of cabin crew on the A380 and B787 aircraft, operating routes to Asia and Australia. My role requires customer service, safety related and human resource duties. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I am now remaining in the UK and would like to take this opportunity to join the VHMC Board and offer my perspective as an owner occupier to ensure that Winterthur Way estate remains an attractive place to live. I can proactively assist the Board with their efforts, for the goodwill of all Leaseholders, to maintain the estate and contribute to future projects at Winterthur Way.

Peter Bray-Spicer, Director VHMC

I am a self-employed plumbing & heating technician, and have run my own business since 1989. I have an independent view point of the estate and I come from a practical no nonsense background. I have already built good relationships with some residents and owners during my 2 years living on site, and of course have some knowledge of the plumbing issues across the estate. As I bring over 40 years of plumbing experience, trouble shooting, problem solving, construction experience and fine attention to detail, I feel I can be of benefit to the Board and it’s members from an operational perspective.

Simon Hirst, Director VHMC

I am a retired Chartered Accountant with forty years’ experience as a senior finance executive in large, multi-national companies and public bodies. During the last eight years of my career, I worked for the NHS and was involved as the finance lead on a major construction project, in NHS estate management, and carried out forensic audits of PFI building and service contracts.

I previously served as a director of VHMC from 2013 to 2018, focusing primarily on accounting and the preparation of the annual statements, and ensuring a smooth transition when managing agents changed. Apart from being an active member of Tavistock Golf Club, I am the independent examiner (annual accounts) of the Barclays Pensioners Association, Cornwall and St. Eustachius Church, Tavistock. I am also a trustee and director of Tavistock Heritage Trust, which is about to complete the £1.8 million renovation of Tavistock’s Guild Hall, which houses a Victorian magistrates court, fire station and police station, complete with a suite of Victorian prison cells. This project promotes Tavistock as a World Heritage Site and as the gateway to the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site

Serif Omer, Director VHMC

I moved to Winterthur Way in 2018. I am a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. I am volunteering to join the board of VHMC so that I can contribute toward making the community a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. I aim to work collaboratively with all members of the board, to ensure everyone’s views are heard, and to ensure high ethical standards are maintained at all times. 

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