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Welcome to the website for Victory Hill Management Co. Ltd (VHMC), the Residents run Management Company for Winterthur Way.

VHMC is the body which manages the Winterthur Way estate including arranging the services and managing the charges made to its members. VHMC elects from its membership, a smaller group of individuals who act as Directors and make decisions for the smooth running of the estate on behalf of all members. The board work closely with the Managing Agent, Chaneys Property Managers, to ensure the effective management of the community.

The website is intended to provide information to current and prospective members. We hope you find the website informative. Please contact Chaneys; info@chaneys-cs.com should you have any queries.

Victory Hill Management Co. Ltd – Annual General Meeting 2023

Ahead of the Victory Hill Management Co. Ltd Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Monday 20th November 2023; 6pm, please click here to access the following supporting documentation for the meeting:

  1. Meeting agenda
  2. Minutes of previous AGM meeting; 5th December 2022
  3. Cladding project summary 2022
  4. 2022 accounts summary

A reminder link to the Zoom webinar is below:


The VHMC Directors and Chaneys look forward to seeing you on Monday 20th November 2023, please join the meeting at 6pm to allow for registration before the 6:30pm meeting start time.  Upon joining, please amend your screen name to include your name and flat number.


Winterthur Way – Fire remediation Works

For news, updates and Zoom recordings of Leaseholder Update meetings regarding the fire remediation works to Birch, Cherry, Holly, Elm & Fir please click here 

VHMC – Board & members meetings

To see information relating to past meetings including minutes & links to Zoom recordings of meetings please click here.

For the schedule of up-coming board meetings please click here.

First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). VHMC versus (A Leaseholder). Judge’s Decision Dated March 2022

To see ruling outcome click here

Official Communications

This page contains links to the most recent communications distributed by VHMC to members. To check the authenticity of any documentation you have received, please click here. 



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