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s.20 Notice of Intention: Replacement Water Meters

The Board of VHMC proposes to change the way that water charges are administered for blocks B,C,D,E and F at Winterthur Way. Under the existing arrangements South East Water bills VHMC per block. VHMC uses the water meter readings to assess the amount of water consumed by each apartment unit and leaseholders are billed accordingly, in arrears. The billing is offset by a £250 up-front charge levied on each leaseholder at the start of the year. A credit or supplementary charge is made to each leaseholder after the close of the year when actual consumption is known and the final account is calculated.

This system is complicated and inefficient. It is a burden on Chaneys to administrate and it is unnecessarily onerous on the directors of VHMC. It is not suitable for those leaseholders who are sub-letting and wish to pass on the actual water charge to their tenants. A number of existing water meters are inaccurate and estimations or adjustments have to be made to balance the total water usage.

The Directors intend to move to direct billing whereby South East Water will bill each leaseholder, or your tenant, with the actual usage. Unfortunately South East Water cannot adopt the existing meters as they are not compliant with their standards. Hence new meters are required.

You have been sent formal notice of this via post, please respond with any feedback by the 21st Oct 2016.

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