Policies and Publications

The board of directors are responsible for ensuring that policies necessary to ensure the effective running of VHMC are  defined, adopted and enforced in a manner consistent with the expectations of its members. This includes any policies necessary to satisfy legal or regulatory requirements (e.g.: health and safety).

On approval, an individual board member is assigned ownership of each policy. The relevant board members is thereafter responsible for reviewing the policy and proposing any necessary adjustments to the board for adoption on an annual basis.

The following policies have been adopted by the board:

Policy Approvals Review
Policy Reference Description Version Owner Owner Board Members Due
PO0001 VHMC Recording of Meetings Policy 1.0 Company Secretary 20th March 2013 20th March 2013 Not Presented March 2015
PO0002 VHMC Expense Policy 0.3 Company Secretary Not Presented Not Presented Not Presented Due
PO0003 VHMC Financial Expenditure Policy 1.0 Director of Finance 17th March 2014 17th March 2014 Not Presented March 2016
PO0004 VHMC Health & Safety at Work Policy 0.1 Chairperson Not Presented Not Presented Not Presented Due

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