Director of Finance Role

The role of the Director of Finance is:

1. To ensure accurate & on-time production of financial reports & briefings.

The Director of Finance is responsible for ensuring all financial reports and briefings necessary to enable the effective governance of VHMC are produced both accurately and in a timely manner. This includes tax returns, balance statements, and any legislative requirements such as reporting and disclosure.

2. To prepare an annual budget

The Director of Finance is responsible for co-ordinating research, preparation and submission of budgets. This includes the development of a budget presentation pack to facilitate effective communication of budget constraints, challenges and YoY changes to members.

3. To manage major expenditure.

The Director of Finance is responsible for overseeing  the preparation and implementation of tender documents and purchasing practices across VHMC and, where appropriate, it’s managing agent.

4. To ensure all financial matters are in accordance with legislation and ethical accounting practices.

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