Company Secretary Role

The role of the company secretary is:

1. To ensure VHMC complies with standard financial and legal practice and maintains standards of corporate governance.

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that necessary company policies  (e.g.: delegated financial approval policy) are set, managed and adhered to on an on-going basis. The Company Secretary is also responsible for ensuring that governance instruments (e.g.: articles of association) are maintained in accordance with both best practice and broad member interest.

2. To ensure agreed governance models are applied

The Company Secretary is responsible, by way of example, for ensuring general meetings, board meetings and committee meetings are organised effectively (e.g.: agreed agendas set out in advance and accurate minutes published on time).

3. To co-ordinate the provision of legal assistance to VHMC and it’s board of directors.

The Company Secretary is responsible for monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action  for liaising with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors.

4. To ensure VHMC complies with it’s statutory obligations

The Company Secretary is responsible for, by way of example, ensuring the health and safety of employees and for  developing and overseeing the systems that ensure the company complies with all applicable codes, in addition to its legal and statutory requirements.

5. To maintain an accurate register of VHMC members.

The Company Secretary is accountable for maintaining the register of members and monitoring changes in ownership of the company; the Company Secretary delegates responsibility for actions to enable this to VHMCs managing agent.

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