2015 04 27 Members Meeting

VHMC Members General Meeting  

Date MONDAY 27/04/2015 Time 19:30 – 21:00

Brookvale Village Hall
Churchill WayWest,

RG21 6AE


Part 1: Welcome & Introduction (10min)

  • Chairmans Welcome – to read the chairmans message, click here
  • Update on Board Composition
  • Appointment of additional directors (tbc, subject to volunteers coming forward)

Part 2: Increasing our effectiveness: transition to new managing agent (20min)

Information relating to the appointment of our new management agent can be viewed here.

Information relating to the completion of AFA litigation can be viewed here.

  • AFA litigation closure
    • Summary of issue & activity
    • Financial impact
  • Appointment of New Management Agent
    • Overview of process adhered to
    • Outcome
  • Meet your agent
    • Introduction to Chaneys
    • Purpose, role & remit (inc ways of working)
    • Role of the VHMC Board of Directors (relative to managing agent)
    • Q&A

Part 3: Improving our efficiency: controlling our costs (20min)

The financial accounts for 2014 can be viewed here

  • Finance Update 
    • Summary of FY12 & FY13
    • Omissions & errors in prior year accounts
    • Water charge policy & practice
  • Summary of FY14
    • Budget v actual
  • Multi-year summary
    • Consolidated impact statement (over/under recovery)
    • Next steps
  • Cash management
    • Policy
    • Current cash situation

Part 4: Working together: improving our environment through compliance (20min)

The estate rules & regulations can be viewed here.

  • Overview of estate rules
  • Overview of leaseholder rules

 Part 5: Driving our performance: a delivery focus (20min)

Information on current programmes & projects can be viewed here.

  • Past projects – recognizing success
  • Short term priorities
  • Current projects
    • overview
    • priority
    • cost & progress to date
  • Long term planning
    • PMS overview inc anticipated impact
    • Timeline & schedule for PMS discussions

Part 6: Members Voice (30min)

  • Q&A: Member Discussion

Part 7: AOB (10min)

Click here to access the presentation used during this meeting.

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