Winterthur Way – Annual General Meeting

Victory Hill Management Co Limited  – Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Update 20/10/2021

Please click here to view a message from Martin Edge, Chairman, VHMC

Victory Hill Management Co. Limited invites you to the Annual General Meeting for 2nd November 2021 and joining details for this virtual event, to be held over Zoom, details have been sent to all Leaseholders and can be found below:

Meeting documents

The Meeting will vote on the Ordinary Resolutions of re-election of Directors (Oliver Kirkham, Serif Omer, Jaz Parmar and Stewart Smart – please see links to their bios below) approval of annual accounts and general matters plus one Special Resolution.

At our last EGM on 22nd February 2021, Members gave their overwhelming approval to strengthen our Company’s constitution (articles) to ensure that only those who pay, have a say, at Winterthur Way. Members decided by a clear margin that all aspects of company decision making should only be taken those who are fully paid up. 

To improve this further a special resolution seeks to clarify the one-member one-vote part of the articles.  The revised wording will ensure that VHMC continues to follow in the legal tradition of Companies limited by guarantee when it comes to member voting.  Each Member has one vote irrespective of the number of flats they own.

The VHMC Board of Directors encourages all Members to study the proposed resolutions and vote in favour.  You may vote in person over Zoom at the meeting, or you may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.  The administration of the Zoom meeting is simplified enormously if you vote in advance by submitting the proxy form either by post or email to .  The Chair of the meeting will be happy to act as your proxy.  You can still attend the meeting even if you have submitted a proxy form that indicates your voting intentions.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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