Make a Difference

Want to get involved?

Want to make a real difference to the service you get from us and help us to improve our services at the same time? Whether you’re really busy or you have time on your hands, the choices available are wide ranging – from providing us with simple feedback to becoming a full board member.

Whats the point?

We work hard to give you the best service possible and your views help us to set our service standards and to keep improving the service we provide.

How to get get involved

Making your voice heard

  • Our managing agent is always ready to hear and respond to your views – contact them through our contact us page.
  • Board members are always keen to hear feedback from the members and residents that they represent –  the contact details for each director can be found on the contact us page.

Attending meetings

  • Any member or resident may attend a meeting of the residents forum. The venue, date and time of future meetings is published here.
  • By prior arrangement with the chairperson, any member may attend a VHMC board meeting. Members may also request that the board discuss a specific issue or topic at a forthcoming meeting. Members wishing to table topics for discussion should contact either the relevant director (e.g.: Director of Finance for all finance related queries) or the chairperson direct. Contact details for the chairperson can be found on the contact us page.
  • Please note that any ordinary members attending a board meeting will not be permitted to vote on resolutions.

Joining the board of directors

  • Any member of good standing may join the board of directors. Interested members should in the first instance contact either the Director of Communication & Member Relations or the chairperson. Contact details for both can be found on the contact us page.

Dealing with complaints

  • If something isn’t quite right, we’ve done something wrong or simply not met your expectations then please tell us. In the first instance, please discuss your concerns with our managing agent. If your unable to resolve your issue, then you should escalate your complaint to the Director of Communications & Member Relations – whose contact details can be found on the contact us page.


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