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About the Winterthur Way Residents Forum

The Winterthur Way residents forum is  an alternative to, but not a replacement for, a traditional residents association. The forum provides a way for residents to get involved in the management of the Winterthur Way development without all the hard work that goes alongside forming a residents association. The board of directors believes that establishing a residents forum is essential in enabling resident non-members (i.e.: tenants) to have their say on how the development should be managed and maintained. It is recognises that

What are the Benefits?

Residents of Winterthur Way will have an opportunity to get together with other residents to discuss issues of common concern and, importantly, pass these onto VHMC directors who can do something about them. Working together with everyone across the development, residents will be able to improve the general feeling of community and contribute to making the development  a nicer place to live.

How does it work?

The Forum has responsibility for monitoring services provided on the estate by VHMC and it’s agent, other housing providers, local council departments, the police and other public bodies. Forum members would be able to raise concerns and any actions that are agreed will be recorded and chased up by members of the VHMC board or nominated forum members.

Membership of the Forum is open to all residents across Winterthur Way. This includes tenants and leaseholders of properties owned by members of VHMC and leaseholders of properties owned by Sovereign housing association. The aim is that membership of the Forum, should reflect the mix of tenants & leaseholders in the area.

Managing the Forum

The forum is chaired by the VHMC Director of Communications & Member relations. Meetings may take place upto 4 times per year – although the frequency and duration of meetings is likely to vary subject to the scope & scale of issues and concerns to be discussed by forum members. To find out when the next meeting is scheduled, refer to the meeting schedules page on this website.

What happens after a Forum?

After each meeting, an Action Plan (a list of the actions agreed at the meeting) will be drawn up. Residents & members of the VHMC board will then work together to ensure targets are met.


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