During the course of the meeting, members will be able to vote on 15 of the 16 resolutions included on the EGM Agenda (click here to see the full EGM pack). The vote to appoint Mr R O’Brien as Director will not take place following his decision to both withdraw from the process and to nominate Matt Garvey as his proxy (click here for more information).

How to Vote

Five rounds of voting will take place during the meeting. Eligible members can vote using each of the voting forms accessible through the quick links below. Any votes cast after the Chair has declared the result will not be counted.

As per the VHMC Articles of Association, each eligible member may cast only one vote per Resolution. You should only vote if you have not yet returned a proxy / voting form to Chaneys – either by post, e-mail or through the secure docusign service. Duplicate votes will will cause delays to the vote verification process.

Please ensure you have registered prior to placing your vote: Registration Form

Quick Links

Round 1: Eligibility Criteria voting form (7 Resolutions)
Round 2: Appointment of New Directors (3 Resolutions)
Round 3: Extension of Reserve Fund Planning Horizon (1 Resolution)
Round 4: Appointment of Service Charge Audit (1 Resolution)
Round 5: Removal of Directors (3 Resolutionss)

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