Misrepresentation by Colin Davison

Statement from Stewart Smart, Jaz Parmar and Edward Loughrey

We are each active Directors of VHMC. We are each greatly concerned that our names have been fraudulently included in one or more communications from Mr Davison to our members.

We are clear that the inclusion of our names in these communications is likely to have created further confusion amongst members. Its our opinion that Mr Davison has chosen to include our names in order to try and add legitimacy to both his claims and tactics – none of which we support.

We would like to make clear that no current Director – of which there are ten – in any way supports the actions of Mr Davison. Indeed, individually and collectively we find the actions currently being taken by Mr Davison to be abhorrent.

Please disregard any and all communications from Mr Davison, in particular those bearing our name that we neither endorse nor support.

Jaz Parmar
Edward Loughrey
Stewart Smart

Important Information – EGM

The Board of VHMC has called an EGM for 22nd February 2021. All VHMC members are strongly encouraged to attend. For more information visit our dedicated EGM page.

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