Misleading Communications

We’re sorry.

We’re sorry if you’ve received yet another mail out from Colin Davison. Letters dated 1 Feb 2021 have been sent by this leaseholder claiming to be a director of VHMC[Note 2]. It is nothing short of nonsense. He is not a director and he has zero authority over the affairs of VHMC.

VHMC are very sorry that this trouble maker is pretending to be a director and pretending to have the legal authority to act on behalf of VHMC. All evidence is being forwarded to police. While the wheels of justice move slowly we are in the process of seeking an injunction because despite many warnings they will not stop. Clearly only a judicial authority can now compel them to desist.

Needless to say VHMC shall seek to recover full costs from the offending parties.

Matt Garvey, Chair VHMC.
On behalf of the Board of Directors [note 1]

Note1: The Board of Directors consists of ten VHMC members. For a list of current directors, please click here.

Note 2: Mr Davison claims to have been elected to the board at a Members Meeting held on 28th January 2021. This is a lie. The member meeting was not an EGM and therefore any resolutions passed during the meeting are not lawful. If Mr Davison believes to the contrary, then the correct procedure is for Mr Davison to initiate court action against VHMC and not to bombard members with fraudulent claims. Following legal guidance, VHMC remains confident of its position.

Detail analysis of Mr Davisons request for an EGM is available here. The analysis clearly shows that the original EGM request was invalid having been supported by just 12 members (half of whom would have been ineligible to vote in an EGM due to arrears).

Detail analysis of the votes conducted at the member meeting is available here. The analysis clearly shows that had the meeting been an EGM then just 15 eligible votes (and not the 80+ claimed) would have been cast in support of Mr Davisons appointment. This represents less than 5% of the overall VHMC membership.

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