2014 AGM Chairmans Message

Chairman’s Message to Members and Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting 2014 

I am pleased to report good progress on a number of fronts during 2014. Good news is that we have finally brought the long-running dispute with Alan Foster Associates to a conclusion and subject to finalization of the legal process we expect to have the frozen funds – which have been inaccessible to us for almost 2 years – back in our account very soon. This will enable us to proceed with renewals and improvements that have been stalled since 2013.

Continuing the subject of finance, the Directors and our Agents GH Properties have been maintaining a close control on expenditure. Our costs to date this year are closely in line with the budget. We believe that the overspend of previous years has been contained and the service charge for next year will not have to include provision for any surprise historic corrections.

The AGM will be held on 27th October 2014 at AXA Life, Winterthur Way. A separate Notice and Voting Forms are being mailed out to all Members together with this Chairman’s Message. Those of you who attended the General Meeting on 30th April 2014 were introduced to the new VHMC website www.winterthurway.co.uk. Amongst other benefits, the website provides Members with visibility of the activities of the Directors. All the Minutes of the Board Meetings held this year are available on the website. For the purpose of informing the forthcoming AGM, the Accounts for 2013, a summary of costs to date for 2014, and a budget estimate for 2015 will all be available on the website by 13th October.

Also on 30th April the Directors presented facts and figures about the Estate and set out their views on a policy for maintenance and renewals. If you missed the meeting, a copy of the Directors’ presentation can be found on the website. As ever, the most pressing issue is that of finance. At the AGM we shall be offering Members choices about whether you are willing to pay more for higher standards, or whether you want to maintain the status quo.

Another hot topic is the observance of Estate rules and regulations. There are too many instances of Members breaking the rules. Washing on balconies, ball games being played in common areas, pets being kept on the property and overcrowding of apartments are some examples. The Directors are studying options to enforce the terms of the Lease to uphold the wider interests of everyone by stamping out such examples of anti-social behavior.

We have succeeded in reducing the number of Members who are in arrears with payment of the annual management charge. Letters are currently being issued to all remaining defaulters requiring full settlement by 1st December this year after which interest will be charged, as is allowed under the Lease. We are continuing to use solicitors and legal action to assist with debt collection, which of course places further costs on defaulting Members. Going forward, a new policy on options to pay by standing order will be put in place effective 1st January 2015. This policy will be announced at the AGM.

The Board of Directors now numbers 6. If you would like to be considered as a Director please email a profile and a short statement of interest to me at martin@winterthurway.co.uk by 13th October 2014.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 27th October.

Martin Edge

Chairman, Victory Hill Management Company Limited



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