2014 09 15 Board Pack

VHMC Directors Meeting  

Date 15/09/14 Time 19:00
Venue AXA Wealth
Winterthur Way

Part 1: Standing Items (15 mins)

  1. [ME 10mins] Approval of prior minutes  (pre-read: 140818 Board Meeting Minutes)

Part 2: Board Paper Reviews (100mins)

  1. [ME 20min] AFA Litigation Update
  2. [SC 30min] Finance Performance Update
  3. [WB 20min] Operations Update
  4. [WB 10min] Management Tender
  5. [ME 20min] AGM Planning

Part 3: Close 

  1. [All 20mins] AOB

Meeting Output(s):

  • Minutes for this meeting may be found on the past meetings page.


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