Roundtable Events

If you’ve ever been involved in a very large meeting, you’ll know how hard it is to ensure that every participant has a chance to engage. It’s also increasingly clear that whilst social media has a role to play in enabling communications, it doesn’t replace the need for genuine two-way conversations. To mitigate these challenges, we’re planning on holding a series of Roundtable events.

Our Roundtable events will provide a unique opportunity for members of Victory Hill Management Co. to connect and interact with the Board, share observations, ask questions, and better understand the challenges facing the Estate.

The Roundtable will:

  • Be held on-line, using Zoom – enabling any member to join in from anywhere.
  • Be attended by at least two Directors – focused on listening to your concerns.
  • Be attended by up to 8 members – ensuring everyone has an opportunity to speak.
  • Last around an hour – sufficient to talk through concerns in detail if required.
  • Include any topics that any participant wants to cover – but please be mindful that we won’t be able to discuss confidential matters (for example, anything that relates to an individual member).

At the end of each event, we’ll ask participants to agree a few key messages for us to share more widely with members – helping us to focus on sharing those things that matter most.

As a member, this is your chance to connect with the Board. A chance to influence Directors and help inform future decisions. We want to hear your input – so please join us at a Roundtable. For the dates and times of up-coming events, and to book your place, please visit:

We look forward to talking with you soon.

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