Our Priorities

Our Priorities have not changed.

Our focus remains on keeping Service Charges as low as is sustainably possible. This means we’ll continue to prioritise the safeguarding of our residents and protection of long-term investments over making unsustainable short term savings. 

Our priorities remain:

Priority OnePriority TwoPriority Three
our Residents
Protecting Homes
and Investments
Keeping Costs
Sustainably Low

Together with our on-site staff, the Chaneys team has worked hard to maintain the fabric and feel of the estate. In recent months, many maintenance, repair, and safeguarding projects have been delivered, these include:

  • Collaborating with local law enforcement to introduce more regular site patrols;
  • Installing CCTV to discourage crime;
  • Extending the Site Office to comply with H&S / staff welfare requirements;
  • Implementing Covid secure safeguards across the estate for workers and residents alike;
  • Renovating lobbies;
  • Enhancing external estate appearance;
  • Proactively reviewing fire safety;
  • Implementing a Waking Watch;
  • Evaluating the feasibility of site guardians.

What next?

Fixing the cladding must remain our priority. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek to better understand our members wider priorities.

We’d like to invite as many members as possible to join us in a series of up-coming Roundtable discussions – for more information on these events, click here.

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