Our Priorities are Unchanged

To help us become more responsive, we’re launching a series of virtual Roundtable events. Roundtables will allow individual Directors, and members of the Chaneys team, to directly answer member questions whilst also sharing detail about our collective priorities.

Our Priorities Have Not Changed

The boards priorities have not changed: Our focus remains on keeping Service Charges as low as is sustainably possible. This means we’ll continue to prioritise the safeguarding of our residents and protection of long-term investments over making unsustainable short term savings.  Read more about Our Priorities here.

We’re Focused on Improving How We Engage

If you’ve ever been involved in a very large meeting, you’ll know how hard it is to ensure that every participant has a chance to engage. It’s also increasingly clear that whilst social media has a role to play in enabling communications, it doesn’t replace the need for genuine two-way conversations. To help us engage better, we’ll be holding a series of Roundtable events. Read more about our Roundtable events here.

An Extraordinary General Meeting

The Board will be holding an EGM on 22nd February 2021. Important updates on key issues affecting VHMC will be shared at this meeting. All members are encouraged to attend. Click here for more information.

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