Approx. 500 parking bays are available to residents and visitors of Winterthur Way.

Allocated Parking

A number of properties across Winterthur Way have been allocated designated parking bays.

  • Unauthorised parking or parking a vehicle in an area or space that has not been designated to you may result in your vehicle receiving a parking charge notice.
  • Enforcement is in operation 24hrs per day.
  • Parking permits are issued for each allocated bay – these must be clearly visible in the vehicles windscreen at all times whilst the vehicle is parked in the bay.
  • Parking in front of garages is not permitted at any time.
  • A motorcycle and car may be parked in a single bay at the same time so long as this does not cause an obstruction – both vehicles must display permits for the allocated bay.
Visitor Parking

A number of surface parking bays around across Winterthur Way are specifically designated as visitor parking.

Drop off

A ten minute dropping off time is allowed for both residents and visitors on the private roadways so long as no obstruction is caused.

Commercial Vehicles

Overnight parking of commercial vehicles is not permitted either in allocated or visitor bays. Special provision may be made for genuine tradesmen, contractors or persons with business on the development – please contact the estate office for assistance.

Parking enforcement

Refer to onsite signage.

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