The Local Area


Basingstoke’s Leisure Park is a mile west of Winterthur Way and is served by the green and pink buses from Basingstoke station, the Leisure Park offers a wide range of activities including ice skating, bingo and bowls. It is home to a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley and an exciting swimming facility.


Basingstoke has a number of great schools. Every neighbourhood in the town has at least one local primary school while there are a number of secondary schools located across Basingstoke. The town also has two large further education colleges both within easy reach of Winterthur Way.


The town centre has undergone recent regeneration with the shopping areas seeing millions of pounds worth of redevelopment work. A vibrant space filled with great shopping, a range of cafes and restaurants, a multi-screen cinema and other amenities has been created. For more information see

Want to know more about Basingstoke, check out the Basingstoke Town Trail
For more comprehensive information, check out Destination Basingstoke


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