Consent to Let

The terms of the lease state under Section 5.8.3;“Not to underlet the whole of the Premises without obtaining the written consent of the Company (which shall not be unreasonably withheld and which shall be deemed to be given in respect of any shorthold lettings of six months (unless there has been a breach or alleged breach of any of the Tenant’s covenants during the previous twelve months in which case consent will be required)) and to supply to the Company full details of any proposed underlessee and (unless waived by the Landlord) up to three references (as required by the Company) concerning such underlessee and to procure that such underlessee or tenant at his own expense enters into direct covenants with the Landlord and the Company and each of them in the form set out in the Sixth Schedule hereto”

Having considered the terms of the lease and not wishing to burden leaseholders or their agents with extra administration the Board of Victory Hill Management Company Limited have agreed that lettings will have deemed to have consent subject to the provision of certain required information and documentation within 3 months of the letting along with a small administration fee to cover the cost of overseeing the process. 

Consent to Let Process

  1. Apartment has been let – Your letting will have a deemed consent subject to the provision of tenancy information within 3 months of the start of the agreement. You (or your agent) will need to go to [Paper based application available on request].
  2. Tenancy Agreement – You will be required to upload a copy of the signed tenancy agreement (See below)
  3. Tenancy Information Form – This online form will ask for certain details of the letting including;
    • Flat Owners details
    • Agent details (if any)
    • Tenant details, including contact information used for emergencies.
    • Tenancy details, including the duration, start and end dates.
  4. Deed Of Covenant – The lease requires your tenants to enter into a deed as set out in 6th Schedule.See here: Deed of Covenant. If you have not arranged for your tenants to enter into this deed you will be required to check a box to confirm that you take full responsibility for any breaches of the lease by your tenants.
  5. Administration Charge – Victory Hill Management Company Ltd has agreed with our agent, Chaneys Chartered Surveyors a fee of £30 inc VAT for administering each registration.
  6. Confirmation of Consent – You will receive a confirmation of consent via email (or post if requested) on the provision of information set out in the online form, a uploaded copy of the tenancy agreement and the payment of the £30 inc VAT admin fee. Note: The consent is only valid for the period of the tenancy agreement entered into, you will need to notify us of any new letting. If the original tenants are holding over or have signed a new agreement there will be no further charge but a copy of the agreement will need to be sent to us.
  7. Estate Rules – A copy of the Estate Rules will be hand delivered to your tenant by the Estate Team but you wish to provide them with a copy it can be downloaded here.
  8. Failure to Provide Information –  Failure to provide the required information within 3 months of the start of the tenancy agreement will result in withdrawal of your consent to let. There will be a administration charge of £120 inc VAT and the Freeholder will be informed of the breach.

Should you have any questions about the process please email  or call Chaneys on 01189722333

Upload Signed Tenancy Agreement;

[contact-form-7 id=”1150″ title=”Consent to Let  – Tenancy Agreement Upload”]

Tenancy Information Form;

Please click here to complete the Tenancy Information form

Pay £30 Administration Fee;

You can pay the administration fee by;

Apartment No & Name

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