Director of Operations Role

The role of the Director of Operations is:

1. To oversea the activities and actions of VHMCs appointed managing agent.

The Director of Operations is responsible for overseeing the cost-effective delivery of on-site services by it’s appointed managing agent. This includes:

  • executing his/her delegated authority to approve (or reject) infrastructure & environmental initiatives as proposed by the managing agent;
  • ensuring the adoption and enforcement of appropriate governance standards relating to the selection and appointment of preferred partners and suppliers for work undertaken on behalf of VHMC and
  • actively contributing towards the definition and execution of major programmes of work.

2. To promoting opportunities where VHMC and its managing agent can become more productive.

The Director of Operations is responsible for seeking and identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements across all aspects of on-site service delivery. This includes identifying opportunities for future any future changes to service level agreements (e.g.: frequency, quality and sourcing of internal cleaning services).

3. To develop, maintain and execute a HR strategy relevant to the needs of VHMC.

The Director of Operations must strategise for the effective use of human resources. He/she is responsible for assessing staff requirements and organising the recruitment of appropriate team members. The Director of Operations must monitor VHMC staff performance and evaluate employee efficiency on at least an annual basis. This includes, for example, the identification and execution of employee training and development needs.

4. To ensure that equipment used by the company and it’s employees is adequate for the task.

The Director of Operations is responsible for overseeing the purchasing, inspection, maintenance and repair of all VHMC assets. This includes, for example, estates office equipment.

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