General Meetings

About General Meetings

General meetings are held twice a year to, amongst other items, approve statutory accounts, elect new board members and inform members of previous and future activities. It is an opportunity for members to receive detailed information relating to VHMCs past performance and for asking any questions regarding the direction VHMC may take in the future. The success of general meetings is wholly dependent on members attendance. The board therefore strongly recommend that all members attend at least one general meeting per year.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

VHMC is required to hold a formal Annual General Meeting once per year in order that statutory accounts may be reviewed and approved by its members. This meeting will usually be scheduled for Novemeber in each year. The agenda will typically consist of the following items:

  • Review and approve chairpersons annual report summarising prior year performance
  • Review and approve prior year annual accounts
  • Review progress against plan for current year (projects and budget)
  • Overview of board proposals (specific to current year)
  • Member Q&A

The Leaseholder Update Meeting (LUM)

In addition to the formal Annual General Meeting, VHMC also holds a second general meeting each year principally focused on planning for future year activities and getting member feedback. This meeting will usually be scheduled in May of each year. The agenda will typically consist of the following items:

“Extra Ordinary” General Meeting(s) (EGM)

From time to time it may be necessary for an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of members to be convened. These meetings may be called either by the board of directors to consider specific issues or actions or, if necessary, by members themselves. Such meetings will always be called in accordance with our Articles of Association and any statutory requirements (these are described within Companies Act 2006). The board are required to convene an EGM where such a meeting is requested by 5% or more of the membership. Any member wishing to call an EGM is encouraged first to speak with either the Chairperson or Director of Communications & Member Relations.

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