Our Governance

Our Articles of Association

The governance of Victory Hill Management Company (VHMC) is determined by its Articles of Association.

Company Policies

In addition to the Articles of Association,  supporting policies may be defined and agreed by the VHMC board of directors where the board deem it necessary of appropriate to do so (see our policies for information relating to current and legacy policies). In the event of any conflict of interpretation arising between the Articles of Association and agreed board policy, the view endorsed within the Articles of Association will always prevail.

Changes to Our Articles of Association or Company Policies

The Articles of Association may only be changed through the collective agreement of a defined number VHMC members. The number of members required to endorse any change is set out within the Articles of Association. Company policies may be changed at any time with the agreement of the pre-requisite number of the board of directors.

The board is responsible for undertaking periodic reviews of the Articles of Association and for providing guidance to VHMC members on any likely need for change. Any such guidance will usually be provided during a General Meeting. In addition, members may propose adjustments to the Articles of Association, or any board policy, by submitting a resolution for consideration at a General Meeting.

General Meetings

VHMC holds two member meetings per year – See “Meetings”. In addition, extra ordinary general meetings may be called to consider specific issues either at the request of the board of directors or by the pre-requisite number of VHMC members submitting a formal request to the board of directors.

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