How We Operate

Victory Hill Management Company

Victory Hill Management Company (VHMC) is run by a board of directors that includes representation from both resident and investor members. Members join the board from  a wide mix of backgrounds with experience in both the public and private sectors. All members joining the board of directors do so on a voluntary basis – no director receives any benefit in kind or financial reward for the work they undertake on behalf of VHMC. See our directors for the names of our current directors.

The board of directors exists to direct, control and monitor work undertaken on behalf of VHMC members – from deciding what services should be provided and at what cost, to how much we should invest in maintaining and improving our estate. The board operates in a non-executive capacity with the day-to-day running of the development overseen by it’s appointed managing agent.

To facilitate the effective governance of VHMC, a number of specific board roles have been defined. See our roles and responsibilities for a description of each of the current roles on the board.

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