Robert O’Brien

Statement from VHMC

Following constructive discussions between Robert O’Brien and representatives of VHMC, during which VHMC shared information that Robert was not previously aware of, Robert O’Brien has formally withdrawn his application for appointment as Director to VHMC.

Moreover, both Robert and VHMC are clear that the on-going dispute with Colin Davison and other leaseholders who alleged to be impersonating designated officers at VHMC does not include Robert O’Brien.

To our knowledge Robert O’Brien has had no involvement in the potentially illegal acts undertaken by this group. Robert O’Brien has not sanctioned nor agreed with communications from the group that VHMC consider misleading, defamatory and damaging to the interests of members. Nor has he any association with suspected acts of fraud now under investigation.

Any statements made by VHMC regarding the dispute with Colin Davison and his group bear no relevance to Robert O’Brien whatsoever. 

Matt Garvey, Chair, VHMC

Important Information – EGM

The Board of VHMC has called an EGM for 22nd February 2021. All VHMC members are strongly encouraged to attend. For more information visit our dedicated EGM page.

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