Extraordinary General Meeting

The Board of VHMC has called an EGM for 22nd February 2021. All VHMC members are strongly encouraged to attend.

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A message from the Chair

I am Managing Director of a charity in Newbury, Berkshire that specialises in youth employment. During my day job we teach apprentices and students about the perils and dangers of online abuse and bullying. Little did I realise that I’d find myself, my fellow VHMC Directors and the employees of Chaneys at the receiving end of such nastiness.

This general meeting, our third in 8 months, is convened in the face of a vitriolic campaign by an organisation calling itself ‘Group of owners working to reduce charges and improve service at Winterthur Way’. This small group of leaseholders is seeking to subvert due process and gain control of our Company.

I have been personally harassed by a ring leader of this group and have had to involve the police. The Directors have been sent abhorrent anonymous emails from supporters of the group and publicly accused online of the wildest wrongdoings without a shred of evidence. Despite receiving legal advice to the contrary they continued with a bogus EGM misleading members with claims that it was valid when it was not. It is my view that some of the leaders of this group have impersonated designated officers of VHMC which is a criminal offence.

As if this were not enough, we have had to struggle against acts of fraud and involve various authorities to defend the company. We have seen a leaseholder fraudulently upload false memorandum & articles to our Companies House account in attempt to alter members’ voting rights. Worst of all, I have received a letter from a leaseholder threatening lengthy legal bills if I didn’t compromise on their outstanding debt to the Company. This behaviour is not just wholly unacceptable; in some cases, it’s criminal.

To paraphrase a saying ‘bad people succeed when good people do nothing.’

So I have to ask members: what kind of company do you want? What is being offered by this group is a nasty, intimidating and toxic culture where online bullying, harassment and abuse are everyday tools in their managerial tool box. All this unpleasantness has been directed at the worst possible time for VHMC when we are dealing with the cladding issue. The sheer volume of rambling pointless emails, misleading online posts and confrontation aimed at the Board has literally sucked time away from this most crucial of issues. The group’s leaders have drained resources away from members and their dubious acts have required legal intervention in an attempt to stop them. All of this time and money should be spent on the estate and not pandering to a disruptive minority.

While the current Board may not be perfect, its members have worked tirelessly to navigate us through these difficult times, a pandemic and the existential threat of cladding. In my view we have made the best of a very bad hand, invested in the estate as appropriate and kept service charges broadly in line with regional norms. I pay tribute to my fellow Directors and to Chaney’s staff who, in the face of abuse, have maintained their dignity, their integrity and, above all, their loyalty to members. Directors are all unpaid volunteers and between us we have logged over 700 hours in 2020 in service to VHMC.

Two long serving Directors will be defending a resolution against their removal from the Board. Martin Edge and Wayne Buckley have been exemplary and tireless advocates for leaseholders and I strongly encourage you to lend your support and retain their expertise. I credit them for saving VHMC at times of peril in 2012 following the disastrous tenure of a previous chairman and for professionally leading us on our cladding issue. They are an amazing asset and it would be to all our detriment to lose them.

This EGM is a crucial opportunity for members to take a stand for decency, honesty and the law. It is a chance to reject the toxic tactics of a small number of individuals who have self-serving ambitions. In short, it is a time for good people to do something.

I therefore hope that we can engage in a constructive discussion and consider the facts and merits of the resolutions on the agenda. The Board has indicated its members’ position on each resolution and supplied further information and statements to help members.

Speaking for myself, I am also facing a resolution for my removal. While I hope to win your support, above all I would rather you reject pernicious forces seeking to seize control of our Company. The agenda indicates which of those standing do not have the support of any of the Board members. It is my opinion and experience that these individuals do not serve the best interests of members and I would rather lose my vote and see their schemes defeated than to remain and see them succeed.

It is with sincere regret that we meet under such circumstances and I hope that common sense and decency prevail. Whatever the outcome at our EGM, it has been a pleasure to serve all the members of VHMC.

Matt Garvey
Chair of VHMC

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