The Annual Plan

About the Annual Plan

The purpose of the annual plan is to articulate and document the schedule of meetings and key activities to be undertaken during the year. The plan includes:

  1. Scheduled meeting dates for the board of directors and it’s committees together with an anticipated agenda for each;
  2. The scope and timing of both informal member / resident forums and VHMCs statutory general meeting(s);
  3. The main projects and board sponsored initiatives proposed to be progressed by VHMC and it’s managing agent during the year. The plan includes descriptions, objectives, activities, and timelines for each of the proposed projects together with an agreed board sponsor and anticipated budget provision.

The Chairperson is accountable for ensuring the production & onward communication of the annual plan to members each year. The plan will usually be presented to members for adoption at a general meeting held in Sept the previous year. The Chairperson is also responsible for ensuring that the progress of each initiative against the plan is reviewed and reported on at least a quarterly basis.