Board Committees

Board Committee Meetings

To facilitate effective governance and to ensure that the limited time available at full board meetings is used to best effect, three sub-committees, each led by an individual director, have been established. Each committee has a specific remit covering a single portfolio of activities. These are:

  • Operations – chaired by the Director of Operations, this committee is responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective management of our estate.
  • Finance – chaired by the Director of Finance, this committee is responsible for protecting the financial health of our members.
  • Programmes & projects – Chaired by the VHMC Chairperson, this committee is responsible for ensuring the on-time, cost effective delivery of projects and board sponsored initiatives.

Each committee formerly meets on a quarterly basis. In addition, where necessary, additional ad-hoc meetings may be called by the committee chair where required. As with board meetings, by prior arrangement with the appropriate chair, any member may attend any committee meeting.

To see information relating to past committee meetingsĀ click here. For the schedule of up-coming committee meetingsĀ click here.