Matt Garvey

About Me

I moved to Basingstoke in 2007 for work and I immediately set my heart on buying at Victory Hill. It is such a visually striking and interesting development and clearly a popular place to live. I moved out in 2013 but I still live in Basingstoke and I can see my Victory Hill apartment from my lounge window. One of the things I have learned as a resident and now an investor is just how our interests are aligned. There are many flats in Basingstoke so Victory Hill needs to outshine the competition to keep rental incomes and sales values high.

I have always taken a keen interest in events at the estate and the ways in which the Board can make it a pleasant place to live. I am therefore delighted to be a member of the Board utilising my own skills for the benefit of residents, investors and tenants of Victory Hill.

My professional background is in education, first as a PE Teacher and then moving to the world of vocational training.  I am now the Managing Director of a charity in Berkshire that delivers Apprenticeships. On a day to day basis I negotiate with suppliers and contractors securing the best value for products and services. I am quite conservative when it comes to costs and I have a reputation for driving a bargain and finding innovative business solutions. I therefore know what it takes to run a successful not-for-profit organisation like Victory Hill Management Company where surplus funds are re-invested for the benefit of users.  

About my Role 

I was appointed to the board of VHMC by it’s members at the annual general meeting of members held on Thursday 27th October  2014. I took responsibility for the Company Secretary remit from 1st January 2015.

Getting in Touch

My contact details are shown on the contact us page.