Martin Edge

About Me

I am a leaseholder at Victory Hill and I lived on the estate for two years from the time that the development was new.  I am well aware that managing an estate of over 300 dwellings is a challenging task, especially when there are still many legacy issues dating from the time of construction.

In my professional life I am a chartered civil engineer.  I have over 35 years’ experience of management of people, of technical projects and of company operations.  I have served on operational and management boards of small and large companies and have particular strength in organising and managing processes and projects.  I am presently regional commercial and operations director with URS Corporation in Basingstoke, a global environmental and engineering consultancy.  I have been responsible for delivering projects in the private and public sectors from a few thousand pounds to ten million pounds.

During my career I have lived in Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Russia and Kazakhstan.  Project work has taken me to more than thirty other countries.  This diversity has afforded me a wide understanding of cultures and environments, and has helped me to reach successful conclusions on business challenges in many different scenarios.  Importantly, it has taught me how to communicate with people of different temperament and viewpoint.

I believe I can bring value to VHMC through my experience in dealing with individuals, small companies and large organisations and through my engineering knowledge.  Procurement and management of services is an important part of the commitments of VHMC and I have much experience in this area.  Planning, budgeting and management of recurring and one-off activities, whether to be performed by VHMC direct or through external contract is well within my capability.

I have a reputation for fairness and transparency in my dealings with people and am a confident and capable communicator.

About my Role 

I was appointed to the board of VHMC by it’s members at an extraordinary meeting of members held on 14th November 2013. Shortly after joining the board, I was appointed Chairperson of VHMC assuming full responsibility for the role from 17th December 2013.

Getting in Touch

My contact details are shown on the contact us page.